Legends of Team Canada: Gord Hynes

 Defenseman Gord Hynes was born in Verdun and raised in Pierrefonds, playing his minor hockey in the North Shore hockey league. He moved to Calgary when his father, a bank manager, was reassigned.

Hynes played junior in Medicine Hat and was Boston’s 5th choice in 1985. But it took the 6-foot-1, 170 pounder another 7 years to make it to the NHL. In between, he spent two seasons in the minors. He even shared a home with Brett Hull. He spent one in Italy and three full years with the Canadian national team coached by Dave King. Hynes said this is where he learned to play the game.

“When I was drafted I had huge eyes. My goal was set on the NHL,” he said. “But I wasn’t huge enough or good enough. I wasn’t that great. I didn’t know how to play and I wasn’t that smart and I didn’t know how to play. I matured.”

He scored 12 goals and 30 assists in 57 games with the national team, bringing another 12 goals and 22 assists in over 48 pre-Olympic games. In seven games at Albertville, Hynes made three goals and three assists.

After the Olympics and a free agent, Hynes went home to think about his future. He was contemplating returning to Europe, and even going to school and retiring from hockey. That’s when Bruins assistant general manager Mike Milbury got in touch with him.

I thought I had the talent and knew I’d get better,” he said. “And I made it to the Stanley Cup playoffs.”

He scored his first NHL goal at the Montreal Forum.

“It was very exciting scoring there,” he said. “I was born there. I was and am a Montreal fan. I dreamed of scoring a goal as part of the Montreal Canadiens. To get a goal in the Forum is the best thing.”


Hockey is No Longer Ruled by Canada

Canada is no doubt the team to conquer at the World Cup. But hockey has gone global, as seen by the breakdown of the first round of the draft.

Canadian Jonathan Toews of the Blackhawks stated that “Canada didn’t just invent hockey, hockey invented Canada.” That may be true Jonathan, but hockey no longer belongs to Canada, sorry.

The truth is hockey is a worldwide sport, and that’s a good thing. It could be argued that, even in North America, hockey is a niche sport, trailing behind baseball, basketball, and football. But attention in it is increasing, in spite of the snag the NHL finds itself in. There is way too much focus on uninteresting defensive play. A kid who grew up in Arizona became the most sought-after prospect on earth and the No. 1 pick in the 2016 NHL draft. Auston Matthews opposed Patrick Kane to be the face of hockey in the US.

There was one NHL draft when it was implied a Canadian might not be selected until sixth. That wasn’t correct since Pierre-Luc Dubois was picked 3rd by the Columbus Blue Jackets. At the end, 12 Canadians, 12 Americans, one Swede, three Finns, and two Russians made up the first round.

There was a time when Canadians ruled the 1st round, Not anymore. It is just another example of Canada’s stranglehold on the sport creeping away, one that most folks are very comfortable with. Nurturing the game around the world is a good thing.

It was a solid happening in the sport in 1972 when the Soviet Union shocked the hockey world by whipping the great Canadian NHL stars in the opening game of the Summit Series and moved Canada to the limit in a series the Canadians barely won.


Concussions and the NHL

There was nothing very surprising to be found in those internal NHL e-mails on concussion that were published by a Minnesota court. A fragment of denial, a bit of concession. And, plenty of confusion about the short and long-term consequences of head trauma.

I didn’t even mind that Kris King took at “the Charles Tators of the world.” That goes with the territory if you’re going to talk on serious issues.

However, what pleased me was the mention that the league had been operating with two corporate sponsors on a concussion-education video for young hockey players and their coaches. That would have to be the video made at the Parachute Canada National Injury Prevention Program that was done with the financial support of CCM Reebok and Scotiabank. You can find it at parachutecanada.org.

What is well-defined in reading through those reports from TSN and the New York Times is that the NHL was knowledgeable of the problem. It is very clear that it has chosen to deal with it only somewhat. You might certainly take painkillers for a broken arm, but painkillers can’t set the bone.

The league has clearly been aware of the growing fears over head injuries, mainly repetitive trauma to the head. The proof is in the pudding that it did some partial injury protection. There has evidently been less fighting in the NHL. That’s a good thing. If the concussion problem had not come along, then I think fighting may even have increased, as the trend to have assigned “thugs” in the lineup had become a given.

So it’s proper and right to say that some good has come from this continuing discussion. There has been some attention given to the issue by the league. We “Charles Tators of the world” would just like to see a little more.


Top US Colleges for Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is fervently followed and played around the world. The International Ice Hockey Federation examined 62 nations and found the number of hockey players had increased by 2.5% to over 1.8 million. All over the world, players can find a place at the professional and semi-professional levels of hockey. The IIHF also recorded a growth in the number of officials by 5.5% and the number of ice rinks by over 4%. This details a raise in jobs in coaching, refereeing, and facilitating.

If your post-collegiate future doesn’t involve a career on the ice, you’ll need to be sure to exit college with a good education. Jobs around the sport will necessitate degrees in sports management, kinesiology, business and more.

This ranking of the top 10 men’s college hockey teams takes into consideration the academic success of the players and the athletic success of the team. Some of the aspects in this ranking are the overall quality of the school, the win/loss record of the team, and the academic progress rate as outlined by the NCAA. The athletic resources and aid available to the student athletes is factored in too.

  1. Boston College
  2. University of Wisconsin-Madison
  3. University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
  4. Boston University
  5. Quinnipiac University
  6. College of the Holy Cross
  7. Harvard University
  8. Clarkson University
  9. Ohio State University
  10. University of North Dakota

There are some that most folks feel should be on this list. But remember, this list isn’t just about being a good hockey player. It isn’t just about being an athlete. It is the list of schools that produced the best student athletes. Like other collegiate sports, like football, basketball, and baseball, not all athletes make it into the pros. This is where getting a solid college education comes in.


The Best Hockey Coaches of All Time

The best hockey coaches of all time are the ones who’ve controlled their NHL, college, or Olympic hockey teams and done it well. While several aspire to be a top professional hockey coach, only a privileged few will be known for being the elite. Much to the resentment of the worst hockey coaches of all time, these are the top men ever to coach hockey.

Few specialists or fans will oppose that the best hockey coach of all time is Scotty Bowman.

With the most games coached and won, as well as the most Stanley Cup Playoff victories Stanley Cup Championships while he coached in the NHL for 30 years, Scotty Bowman’s numbers are purely leaps and bounds above any other coach.

That’s not to say that there aren’t any other remarkable hockey coaches. Coaches in the NHL who stand out include Al Arbour, Toe Blake, Glen Sather, Jack Adams, and Dick Irvin. The NHL Coach of the Year Award is named after Jack Adams. In college hockey, Red Berenson, who has coached at the U of Michigan, is easily among the best in the NCAA ranks. Herb Brooks too, who created a miracle with the 1980 US Men’s Olympic Hockey Team.

Just saying, these are the best males to ever work behind the bench at a hockey game and if they are not presently, they’re all praiseworthy of having a place in the Hockey Hall of Fame.


  1. Toe Black
  2. Darryl Sutter
  3. Joel Quenneville
  4. Pat Quinn
  5. Mike Babcock
  6. Scotty Bowman
  7. Pat Burns
  8. Jack Adams
  9. Sid Abel
  10. Glen Sather
  11. Fred Shero
  12. Herb Brooks
  13. Dick Irvin
  14. Claude Julien
  15. Art Ross
  16. Roger Neilson
  17. Bob Johnson
  18. Lindy Ruff
  19. Barry Trotz
  20. Ken Hitchcock


Effective Hockey Stick Techniques

Effective Hockey Stick Techniques


The first point to think about is whether the hockey stick you are utilizing is the most effective one for you. It could be an old stick acquired from a good friend or bro, or it may be the “top of the line” that you had merely reviewed in a magazine. There is no optimal form or material for a hockey stick, but one of the most essential factor to consider is to have as much of the stick blade on the ice as feasible.

This is referred to as “stick lie”. To examine this, consider the endure your stick blade. It must be put on very evenly all along the middle. Put on merely along the toe, or just at the heel, reveals that you might require a stick to a various lie number.

Gamers who like to play stooped over a bit (like Wayne Gretzky) will certainly require a lower lie phone numbers, like a 5, as well as players who skate more upright usage sticks with greater lie phone numbers.

A stick should be long enough for you to really feel comfortable getting and also executing passes, as well as this is finest identified by trying different stick lengths. You could do this by trading sticks for a couple of days with your good friends or team members. The old regulation that your stick must come up to your chin is simply a rugged estimation, and is not a hard and fast regulation.

Lastly, a policy that is generally rather sound is “the younger the player, the much less bent the stick ought to be.” It is less complicated for more youthful gamers to develop great death skills with a stick that is straighter. As he grows as well as his skills establish, he can transform sticks.

Herbert Brooks: An Amazing Hockey Coach

Herbert Brooks: An Amazing Hockey Coach


Herbert Brooks coached the wonder hockey group of the Olympics of 1980. He had skated in 2 Olympic teams himself, was a very long time college hockey instructor, as well as spent 1979 trying to find recruits for the group. In 1980, the US did not hire NHL celebrities, for the players were still of entirely amateur standing. Herbie Brooks visited the National Sports Festival in Colorado Springs, Carbon monoxide in 1979 and discovered those gamers that were one of the most going to adapt to his design ofhockey playing. His design was to skate set and also collaborate as a team, without any specific standouts. He offered them emotional tests in addition to physical ones, and tried to establish which gamers could possibly not play together due to extreme local rivalry. Hockey was strong in just a couple of areas back in 1980, and also the competition between the College of Minnesota and also Boston University was intense, winding up in a 1976 NCAA semifinal that was just one of the nastiest college games played until that factor.
Twelve of the young men he was taking into consideration for the team were from Minnesota, as well as Brooks had coached 9 of them at the University of Minnesota. Four were from Boston College, as well as Brooks was uncertain if they can forget their local obligation to play together for the Olympic group as a real group.
To get the group to interact, Brooks had 6 weeks of training camp, and after that sixty-one hockey video games played around Europe and also The U.S.A. throughout a five month duration. Brooks ran them ragged, slammed them, and also left the morale building to his assistant trains. Throughout this 5 month period he looked at and also over the team plans, seeking how you can play the ideal video game of hockey. When the team was winning, he congratulated them, but maintained persuading the strategies. The team won, 9 to 0.

Herbert Brooks passed away in a car crash on August 11, 2003. His Lake Placid group pertained to pay their aspects to a tough taskmaster, but a cherished as well as reputable instructor. As they said in the eulogy “Herbie had a dream. As well as his gamers had a desire.” He pursued that desire to the amazing gold medal team of Lake Placid in 1980.

How to Avoid a Penalty in Hockey

How to Avoid a Penalty in Hockey

Hockey is truly a pretty rough sport taking into consideration that there are 12 big athletes fighting over a little puck, trying to make a goal for their respective teams.  Add that the puck is slapped around a big rink with a big stick, and you have a sport that can get really physical at some point and time.

The truth of the matter is, mishaps take place in hockey as well as it isn’t really uncommon for gamers to obtain roughed up a little. However, the sporting activity is actually disciplined with specific rules as well as penalty analysis for infractions. Charges, depending on their nature, could lead to a player being momentarily or completely put out of an online game while a lot more serious penalties might bring about a player being put on hold or penalized.

Due to the fact that unintended events could occur on the rink, charges cannot be entirely prevented in hockey. Nevertheless, by playing by the regulations, a gamer can protect against unnecessary penalties from being analyzed versus him as well as his group.

Gamers, other than the goaltender, are not enabled to go into the fold– the blue area before an objective– unless they are in control of the puck capturing it or carrying it into the fold. If one more employee is in the crease when a player ratings an objective, the umpire might evaluate an interference charge for hindering the goaltender in addition to disallowing the rating for the goal.

Blacks in the NHL

Blacks in the NHL


History was made in the NHL by the Boston Bruins. A man named Willie O’Ree. Born in Canada, O’Ree, who is Black, played over 35 games with the team. Mind you, this was 1958, and blacks really did not have much ground. Moreover, hockey was a white male sport.

For O’Ree, this was a milestone, since he was only 23. It would be more than 10 years later until the NHL thought about letting minorities into its fold, and it was only because other sports was making significant changes.

Hockey was the only sport that had not one player who was black. O’Ree was making history when Blacks wished to be included in athletics. Even though Blacks are in the NHL, the number of minority players is still small.

It wasn’t till 1998 that Willie O’Ree was acknowledged for his groundbreaking historic placement as the initial black in the NHL and was marked director for young people development for the NHL. This was long past due to occur due to that the face of showing off tasks would certainly show some sign that the wall surfaces of bigotry in addition to partition have begun to fall apart down.

It must be something for someone living during a period in which skin color stops their progression.  However, it just takes the determination of one person that got out of the arrests of bigotry to be among the very best gamers in the NHL. Today’s NHL has players from every ethnic background imaginable.

NHL Officials

NHL Officials


NHL Officials have reputable types of connecting with each various other and also many followers assume it is a favorably dazzling system that they have exercised. Every NHL Main usages hand signals to convey their ideas while the action is in full flavor on the ice. These hand signals are but one component of the training that each Authorities have to receive before they are thought about entirely main for NHL purposes.

The Authorities utilize their hand indicators to communicate that a gamer has actually displayed unsportsmanlike conduct on the ice. They likewise have a treasure trove of indicators that communicate various other offenses too. If a NHL player chooses to travel a member of the opposing group, after that the referee or linesman would certainly share tripping in the hand indicators by leaning onward and also using their right hand in a cutting motion to the mid-level of the calf topic.

There are several various other signals that could be utilized a number of times during an NHL video game. Some of the hand indicators are utilized to punish a gamer for bending, spearing, holding or providing some kind of disturbance to another player or fairly perhaps an Authorities in the efficiency of their tasks. There will most definitely be a long time invested by a gamer in the Fine Box if the NHL gamers are caught linkeding, high-sticking or lowering another gamer during the training course of an online game of hockey.

Given that there are 39 umpires on team in the National Hockey Organization and also 34 linesmen, some people might be interested about just how Officials discover how to do exactly what they do, and also just how they make all their choices understood to every person in the video game.