Blacks in the NHL

Blacks in the NHL


History was made in the NHL by the Boston Bruins. A man named Willie O’Ree. Born in Canada, O’Ree, who is Black, played over 35 games with the team. Mind you, this was 1958, and blacks really did not have much ground. Moreover, hockey was a white male sport.

For O’Ree, this was a milestone, since he was only 23. It would be more than 10 years later until the NHL thought about letting minorities into its fold, and it was only because other sports was making significant changes.

Hockey was the only sport that had not one player who was black. O’Ree was making history when Blacks wished to be included in athletics. Even though Blacks are in the NHL, the number of minority players is still small.

It wasn’t till 1998 that Willie O’Ree was acknowledged for his groundbreaking historic placement as the initial black in the NHL and was marked director for young people development for the NHL. This was long past due to occur due to that the face of showing off tasks would certainly show some sign that the wall surfaces of bigotry in addition to partition have begun to fall apart down.

It must be something for someone living during a period in which skin color stops their progression.  However, it just takes the determination of one person that got out of the arrests of bigotry to be among the very best gamers in the NHL. Today’s NHL has players from every ethnic background imaginable.

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