In-Depth with Meghan Huertas

Meghan Huertas is from Florida.

In the hockey world, things change rapidly. Now Meghan Huertas is living in the Northeast practicing two nights a week and playing hockey on weekends.

She’s from Florida, went to college in Vermont, went to college in Minnesota. How’d did she get into hockey and make her way around the country for love of the game?

A little background on her family: no one played hockey. Her dad was born and raised in Cuba, she was born and raised in South Florida and when she was about four, her parents took her to a Florida Panthers game and she quickly fell in love with it. She was begging them that she wanted to play hockey. 

Her parents began panicking like ‘What in the world is this?” They took her to learn to skate and half the ice was figure skating, the other half was ice hockey. They put her on the figure skating side and her mom said she’d stand on the center ice red line staring at the hockey side. Her mom said ever since then she would not let it go. They let her play and ever since then she’s never stopped.

Meghan Huertas graduated from the University of Minnesota-Duluth. Huertas, whose dad is from Cuba, grew up in Florida. Primarily, it was her sport of choice, not her race, that made her stick out.

First Hockey Game

When he first took her to a hockey game and she begged them to let her play, they were like, ‘What do we do? Why, out of all the sports, do you want to play this?’” As she grew up in the sport, she swiftly realized that neither Floridians nor anyone with Hispanic/Latino heritage was famous in ice hockey.

This is why Huertas wants to be famous for who she is: a Cuban American.