NHL Rule Changes For 2019-20 Season (Part I)

The NHL is going to have numerous rule changes for the 2019-20 season which will include using expanded video review and improved player safety initiatives, as well as encouraging even more offense and flow in the game.

The rule changes were approved by the League’s Board of Governors, NHL

New rules are coming to the 2019-20 hockey season.

General Managers and the Competition Committee over the last few weeks. NHL Hockey Operations will work on the exact rule book language over the coming weeks. Below is an overview of the changes:

Expansion of Coach’s Challenge

New Category: Besides Coach’s Challenge for “Off-side” and “Interference on the Goalkeeper”, a third category will let the Coach’s Challenge of goal calls on the ice that follows plays in the offensive zone that should have resulted in a play stoppage but didn’t.

This change will let plays be challenged that may involve pucks that are high-sticked to a teammate in the offensive zone, pucks that hit the spectator netting, pucks that have gone out of play but are touched in the offensive zone and hand passes that go before a play stoppage and conclude in the scoring of a goal. Plays that have penalty calls will not be subject to a Coach’s Challenge.

Coach’s Challenges for these sorts of plays (and for “Off-Side” Challenges) will only be available if the puck does not come out of the attacking zone between the time of the missed infraction and when the goal is scored.

Line Changes for Defensive Team: The defensive team will not be allowed a line change when a goalie stops the puck on any shot from outside the center red line. Likewise, if the actions of a skater of the defensive team create a stoppage by inadvertently dislodging the net from its moorings, the defensive team won’t be permitted to do a line change. In both of these examples, the offensive team will have the choice of which end zone dot the face-off will occur.