Most Brutal Hockey Injuries (Part V)

Bryan Berard Takes a Stick to the Eye

When you’re a young and talented NHL player, the last thing you want is an injury. Sadly, that’s just what Bryan Berard got. On March 11th, 2000, Toronto Maple Leafs Berard was skating against the Ottawa Senators when the blade of a stick inadvertently impacted his face on the follow-through of a shot.

Blood ran out of his eye socket as he was helped off the ice by the medical staff. His eyeball had ruptured, and Berard was temporarily blind, even through surgery. His eyesight was never the same. Miraculously, Berard was able to play more seasons in the NHL even without 20/20 vision.

Howie Morenz Breaks His Leg

Howie Morenz loved hockey and hockey fans loved him. In 1937, he was at the top of his game when tragedy happened. During a game against Chicago, Morenz stumbled and his skate became stuck against the boards. Another player fell over him, and this broke his leg in many places. Doctors said it was doubtful he would ever play hockey again, given the medicine of that time.

Morenz appeared to be recovering, though he was distressed by the news that his hockey career was over. Then, out of the blue, Morenz had a heart attack while getting out of bed and died. Some still say he died of a broken heart upon hearing he could not play the sport he loved so much.

Sebastien Courcelles Has His Face Slashed

Sometimes the worst hockey injuries don’t happen in the NHL. In ‘14, Sebastien Courcelles was playing for the Thetford Mines Isothermic in the Ligue Nord-Américaine de Hockey, a semi-professional Canadian league, when he fell clumsily to the ice. As he fell, he landed hard on his opponents moving skate, and his face was sliced open with an inches-deep gash.

His brother was one of the first responders, so Sebastien got medical care ASAP. He was stitched up in the hospital the same day and returned to hockey wearing a full face-shield.