Most Brutal Hockey Injuries (Part I)

Hockey is a vicious sport, as any hockey player can attest. But sometimes hockey gets a little more vicious than it should and we’re not just talking about dropping gloves. Hockey injuries can be so severe that they make you sick to your stomach, totally forgetting it’s just a game. So, what are some of the most brutal hockey injuries ever? Following is a collection of them.

While there haven’t been many hockey deaths, that doesn’t mean these injuries from being extremely gruesome. Big men skating over 25 mph, skate blades, and sticks.. where’s the harm?

Ice Hockey – Heavy tackle

Be warned, hockey isn’t typically for the weak at heart. If you can’t stomach some high-impact grizzly stuff, these articles might not be for you. Might you try tennis?

 Clint Malarchuk Gets His Throat Slit

There are so many aspects of this incident that is difficult to hear about. In a collision with the goalie, Clint Malarchuk, nothing seems off. However, all of a sudden, there’s pools of blood on the ice.

Apparently, as Malarchuk crashes into the net with another player, one of the player’s skates comes up in a strange way and slices open Malarchuk’s carotid artery. As he was taken off the ice, a few people in the stands faint, two go into cardiac arrest, and many of the hockey players vomited.

Amazingly, Malarchuk survived the injury thanks to some extremely skilled surgeons and a quick-acting trainer who squeezed Malarchuk’s neck, cutting off the flow of blood until medical professionals arrived. It took more than 250 sutures to close the vein and the wound.

No surprise at all, all goalies today have to wear neck protection when they are on the ice. This is considered as one of the worst sports injuries of all time. If you want to see this injury up close and personal, there is an online video of it.