Unusual Terms Used in Hockey Matches

Part of what makes professional sports so much fun is the lingo that is used amongst fans. Even veteran hockey fans don’t know all the unusual terms that apply in the game.

Today, we’re writing about five common phrases, as well as what they mean. By the next game, you’ll make quite the save after having a breakaway conversation.

While many other unusual terms exist, these get thrown around a lot. When in doubt, visit us to decipher all your sports-related lingo.

Yard Sale: Everything Must Go

Do you remember getting injured in Sonic the Hedgehog and watching his rings spill out? The Blue Blur isn’t the only one to experience a yard sale while competing.

When a hockey player gets hit hard enough, they end up dropping everything. Sticks, pads, their helmet, even jerseys can be left behind on the ice. After a while, it starts looking like a yard sale is being held. 

Deke: A Very Canadian Slang Word

Canada also gifted us the term “hosers,” so of course, there are other lingo entries from them. The Great White North abbreviated the word “decoy” to give these unusual terms their life.

It’s a fairly common phrase, and one used to describe a fake-out. During football matches, it would represent when a quarterback attempts a false pass to trick others.

Usually, a successful deke gets an opposing player away from their position. When that happens, it makes it easier to score the next goal.

Cheese: More Than a Snack

The term cheese in hockey is not referring to a quick snack. It refers to a skillful play.

The upper corners of a goal are the most challenging shots to block. Because of this, it’s a desirable spot to focus your skill as a player.

Because it’s where the good stuff gets held, sometimes it’s called the Top Shelf, also. Whatever you call it, it’s as desirable as a nice plate of cheese.

Gong Show: Don’t Get Gonged

Since the 1970s, American TV has brought, canceled, and rebooted the Gong Show. This unique talent show brought on many contestants, from stay-at-home moms to bail bondsmen.

A Gong Show in hockey is a different talent spotlight, one that sees tons of action. Once a team starts racking up points, we’ve entered the Gong Show.

Sometimes, it means that several fights are happening. When that happens, some fans change to use different unusual terms, as the term Meat Show.

Power Play

No one likes getting penalized, especially when it costs players. The other team can’t wait to enjoy a Power Play at your expense.

Unlike other sports, you can see your side dwindle due to penalties. Once they go into the penalty box, you’re short a man or two.

That means that the other team has a steep advantage. While it may sound silly, it’s one of the more important unusual terms we listed.


Asian Hockey Players in the NHL (Part V)

These Asian players went down in history on the ice.

Martin Kariya

Martin Tetsuya Kariya is an ice hockey right-winger. Former NHL left-winger Paul Kariya is his older brother.

Hiroyuki Miura

Miura became the 1st Japanese player to be drafted to the NHL, as the Montreal Canadiens chose him in the 11th round of the 1992 NHL Entry Draft. Miura came to North America and played in the ECHL with the Wheeling Thunderbirds, for only six games before going back home and playing with the Kokudo Keikaku HC.

Zachary Yuen

Zachary Yuen is a Canadian Chinese professional ice hockey defenseman. He is presently playing for Kunlun Red Star of the Kontinental Hockey League. Yuen was the 1st player of Asian descent to be drafted in the NHL Entry Draft. 

Jomar Cruz

Jomar Cruz played in four leagues over the course of his hockey career. 

Ryan Kuwabara

Ryan Kuwabara is a Japanese ice hockey player. He competed in the ‘98 Winter Olympics. 

Matt Oikawa

Matt Oikawa played in three leagues over the course of his career. 

Shim Kyuin

Kyuin Shim played in five leagues over the course of his career. 

Steve Tsujiura

Steven Ken Tsujiura is a Canadian former professional ice hockey center who played in the Swiss National League A, the American Hockey League, and the Japan Ice Hockey League. He played in the ‘98 Winter Olympics for Japan.

Matt Dumba

Mathew Dumba is a Canadian ice hockey defenseman who is presently playing for the Red Deer Rebels in the Western Hockey League (WHL).


Spencer Foo

Spencer Foo is a Canadian professional ice hockey forward presently playing for HC Kunlun Red Star of the Kontinental Hockey League. In 2017, Foo turned professional by signing an entry-level contract with the Calgary Flames of the NHL as an undrafted college free agent.