Top Hockey Video Games (Part II)

NHL 09

Be-A-Pro mode is perhaps the coolest concept EA Sports has ever brought to the franchise. Having the capability to build your player from the ground up and create his career beginning to end giving you the chance to live out the childhood fantasy of being on your favorite team.

Throughout the decades that hockey video games have been around, both kids and adults have indulged in the delight of the games.

The hugest downfall of NHL 09 was that you could get goals at will by using glitches that were never corrected. Online play was a total free-for-all and didn’t resemble real hockey, as it was just a contest to see who exploited the defects better.

NHL 2K Mini-Games

I live by the belief that there isn’t an NHL 2K game that compares satisfactorily to one of its EA Sports counterparts. Based only on gameplay, it’s never been close. The exception to that is when 2K decided to put mini-games in its repertoire.

Mini-games were a great alternative if you wanted to play with a large group of friends. The free-for-all style that 2K built was lots of fun and somewhat made up for its failings compared to EA’s games.

NHL Hitz 2003

NHL Hitz 2003 was released by Midway Games, the maker of the over-the-top football game NFL Blitz. That right there should give you a good idea of what Midway was trying to do with NHL Hitz.

The absence of realism in each part of this game was really comical. You could create a player with a dolphin head, skate around like a lizard, or create an 8-foot tall clown. Also, you could unlock hockey arenas on the beach or on the moon. There were endless choices in absurdity.

3 on 3 NHL Arcade

Right alongside the glitchfest known as NHL 09, this was a way easier version that evened the playing field for both first-timers and aficionados. Three-on-three played on a little rink made for high-scoring, high-paced tilts. Add in power-ups like rocket skates and tiny goalies, and you have the ideal formula for many hours of entertainment.

Top Hockey Video Games (Part I)

From the old Super Nintendo in your closet to the PlayStation 4 presently under your television, each video game platform has taken a chance at creating a hockey game. There are way too many variables to come to an agreement on the top hockey video games, but the argument is worth having. In regards to reception, enjoyment, and playability, these are the top hockey video games of all time.

Hockey fans have enjoyed playing hockey-themed video games on their consoles and computers for decades.

Backyard Hockey

Who do you choose first in any game of the Backyard sports series?

Any answer that isn’t Pablo Sanchez is wrong.

It’s conceded that Backyard Hockey was absolutely the weakest of the Backyard series, but it was right for a PC game. It had plenty of mouse-mashing which equaled to lots of wrong passes and shots. Penalties, while never called, were settled with a timeless game of rock-paper-scissors.

Starring real NHL players like Steve Yzerman, Mike Modano, and Jarome Iginla made it likable as you could compose a cast of All-Stars to pick up the slack of Pete Wheeler and company.


NHL Breakaway 99

This was one of many hockey games that was more fun with the rules turned off. The number of whistles from offsides and two-line passes was staggering if you didn’t.

This game also is known as the hardest of all time to score. It occurred so rarely that it was usually by accident when it did. Still, for its time, this was excellent for playing as your favorite NHL superstars.


NHL 2004

This game wasn’t essentially leaps and bounds better than its predecessor, NHL 2003, but it is on the list for one reason: the soundtrack. If there’s a better set of songs ever put together for any sports video game, it has yet to be discovered. It’s not shameful to say that many of the featured songs still frequent many headphones on a continuous basis.

Can the Chicago Blackhawks Ever Get Back on Top? (Part II)

The Blackhawks had their end of the season press conference at the United Center and the mood around the room was dissatisfaction that they won’t be in the playoffs, but hopefulness about being able to bounce back next year.

Head coach Jeremy Colliton:

“Really feel better about how the team was doing at the end as opposed to the beginning. And I think that truly, we want to win, we want to get into the playoffs, we want to still be playing, it’s disappointing not to be. We felt we were on our way and had an opportunity. I feel ultimately the progress, we got better and we got some fundamentals to work on going into next year. We will persist in making progress, but we’re not starting from the beginning and that’s good.

“Got a chance to build relationships with all these dudes and they feel me and I feel them and just think it will let us have a much better start. Finally, it was too large a hole to crawl out in December. But I think we’re in the place to do plenty of work in the offseason in training camp and here to have a much better start in the new season.”

While the Blackhawks are disappointed about not making the playoffs this year, they look forward to continuing to work hard to earn their place in the game next year.

Captain Jonathan Toews:

“You want to have a positive outlook as to where things are heading. But you’ve got to be real too as far as where you have to develop, where you have to do better. At the end of the day, we were on the hunt. We had a chance to win games to get into the playoffs.

It’s easy to say what happened at the beginning of the season, if that would have been any different, we’d be in a different place right now. But we’re not happy one way or another. You have to learn all you can from the situation and let it be that encouraging factor that makes you better next year.”