Most Brutal Hockey Injuries (Part IV)

Jeremy Roenick Jiggles His Shattered Jaw

Before you read this article, take a deep breath. During a 1999 game with the Coyotes, Stars player Jeremy Roenick flew into the boards face first. The hit broke his jaw in three places. As he gets up, he takes a minute to push the broken jaw pieces back into place with his hand. Seeing this isn’t for the faint of heart. Shockingly, Roenick went off to the locker room, had the medics wire his jaw shut and in place, and then went back to the ice to play.

Kevin Stevens Destroys His Face

When Kevin Stevens got this injury, he didn’t even know it happened, because he was out cold. During a playoff game in ‘93, Stevens fell into the boards with an opponent and things went south. As the two collided, Stevens’s face hit the helmet of the other player and he was out cold. The impact broke almost every bone in his face.

But there’s more. In order to fix his face, he required reconstructive surgery so extreme that doctors cut his face at the hairline, then peeled everything back to put in actual metal plates. Stevens went on to play, but he was never the same.

Steve Moore Is Sucker Punched

This is considered as one of the dirtiest hits ever in the game of hockey. In 2004, during a game between the Canucks and the Avalanche, things were going as usual. There had been fights and Steve Moore pretty much had a target on him. One player with a history of rough playing, Todd Bertuzzi, stepped to Moore and tried to start a fight.

Moore was having it and went to skate away. As he did this, Bertuzzi grabbed Moore, sucker punched him, then slammed his body face-first down into the ice. Moore lay motionless on the ice until medics came and carried him off.

Moore suffered three fractured vertebrae, a concussion, vertebral ligament damage, stretching of the brachial plexus nerves, and facial lacerations. He never played in NHL again.

Most Brutal Hockey Injuries (Part III)

Börje Salming Has His Face Stepped On

Hockey skates are sharp, but no one knows better than Börje Salming. In a 1986 game, Salming, of the Toronto Maple Leafs, fell on the ice during a scuffle, and a player accidentally stepped on him. This doesn’t sound too bad until you realize the player stepped down with his full weight, on his skate-clad foot, directly into the middle of Salming’s face. The injury was deep and required over 200 stitches in order to be fixed.

A teammate remarked that he looked like the side of a softball after a game. However, Salming recovered from the injury, went on to have an award-filled career, and even earned a spot in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Sami Salo Shatters a Testicle

Sometimes you gotta take one for the team. With seconds ticking down in the

first period of a 2010 playoff game, Canucks player Sami Salo stepped in front of a shot, trying to block it from going into his net. He succeeded, but at quite a price. The slapshot hit him traveling at an incredibly high speed and, despite his wearing a cup, Salo caught all the force in his testicles. One of them ruptured upon being hit, and Salo dropped to the ice in obvious agony.

Surgery was necessary to repair the testicle. Everyone, including the opponent who took the shot, probably felt more empathy than usual for this particular hockey injury.

Ladislav Nagy Has His Throat Cut, Still Makes a Line Change

It’s hard to say what goes through the mind of a hockey player when they get injured, but for Ladislav Nagy, we at least know his head was still in the game. When an opposing player fell awkwardly during a Continental Hockey League game in 2015, the skate came up and caught Nagy in the throat. He reacted right away… by skating to the bench to make sure he could get a line change, so his teammates wouldn’t be short-handed.

No stopping the game. No calling for a whistle. He skates to the bench then sits there for a moment, bleeding profusely, before a trainer approaches him to let him know that they need to do something about this right now. The injury was not deadly and Nagy recovered.