The Cambridge Hornets – Hall of Fame

History of Ice Hockey in Galt:

The history of hockey in Canada dates back to 1860’s. In 1890, the Ontario Hockey Association was formed to provide a platform for the hockey players and teams in that area. The very first professional Galt hockey team was established in 1891 to become a member of the Ontario Hockey Association. As the years passed by, many professional as well as amateur teams formed in Galt and it became a hotbed for sports and recreation. Although, there was much support and assistance for the teams out there in Galt, still it was not an easy task to keep up the performance of any team at different levels and different seasons. For this reason, the Galt teams had no representation at the OHA Senior Association.

It was in June 1959, when the Arena manager of Galt, Len Gaudette, took an important decision. He organized the hockey team of the Galt players to represent themselves as the Galt Terriers at the OHA Senior Hockey League. The Galt Terriers was placed in the Senior B loop in the 1959/60 season. Having their performance improved a lot, they got a place in the Senior A pool in the next season.

Hall of Fame as the Galt Terriers

As the Galt Terriers began to achieve a good position in Senior A levels, the manager of the team made some major changes to strengthen the position of the team further. He contacted the players of the Kitchener Dutchmen who had already left the team. Since by that time, the Galt Terriers had got some good name in Ice Hockey, many players like Floyd Butch Martin, Bob McKnight, Harold Boat Hurley, Darryl Sly, Ted Maki and Bill Wiggie Wylie agreed to sign up with the manager. Later on, many other players got motivated and made agreements to join the team. Soon the Galt Terriers contained legendary players like Joe Hogan, Ab Martin, Frankie Carroll, John Reinhardt, Harry Neale, Pete Kowalchuk, Bobby Mader, and Alec Butch Keeling. Due to the talent and sportsman spirit, the team got so well in the ground that they won the Allan Cup championship in 1961. This was a great achievement for the Galt Terriers and it opened the door to series of triumphs for them.

As the champion of Allan Cup, the Galt Terriers got the chance to represent Canada in the upcoming World Hockey Championship. In 1962, the World Hockey Championship was held in Colorado, where the Galt Terriers showed record performance and won 6 matches out of 7 to acquire the silver medal as the runner up team. They lost their only match against the Sweden team, which was the most powerful and successful team in the tournament.

The manager and the players had worked diligently to achieve this position, however the players could not maintain their level of performance in the upcoming years and could not secure even the third place in the next hockey league season. The down fall of the Galt Terriers, made the officials to announce in 1963, that the Galt Terriers might cease their participation in the upcoming events.

Hall of Fame as the Galt Hornets

The Galt Terriers organizers, however, did not give up on their efforts for the Galt ice hockey team. Later in September 1963, they announced the commencement of the Galt Hornets in the OHA Senior A Hockey League in place of the Galt Terriers. They also commenced Share-the-Wealth Scheme for equal shares of the members in the operations profits. This scheme worked wonder and the players put more hard work to their performance in the upcoming events. The Galt Hornets became one of the most successful and powerful amateur teams in Canada.

With their strength and immense talent, the Hornets tied for the first position in the next seasonof the Hockey League. Although, they could not advance further in the playoffs after that tournament yet their performance was reckon for other teams. They improved year by year and in the 1968/69 season, they were able to compete with the Clgary Stampeders in the final match of Allan Cup of the season and came out victorious. It was the time, when the Galt Hornets were able to bring the Allan Cup back to Galt after so many years.

After winning the Allan Cup, the Galt Hornets got the chance to attend the 8 game exhibition tour which held in Germany. It was a great opportunity for them to show a record a performance scoring 4-3-1 in the tournament.

This motivated the players a lot and they showed the same performance in the Allan Cup in the 1970/71 season. They again defeated the Calgary Stampeders in the finals to claim the Allan Cup. After that they represented Canada in the Europeon Ahearne Cup Tournament which held in Sweden and claimed fourth position scoring 4-3 in the tournament.

Although, the Hornets could not become victorious in the next Allan Cup tournament, yet they kept on participating in the international events. In 1972, they competed the strong club teams like Russia and Czechoslovakia in the Royal Bank International Tournament and claimed the third position overall. In 1974, the Hornets claimed 2nd position in the CCM International Hockey tournament after competing Russian team in the final. In the 1975/76 season, they were victorious against Oklahoma farm club from maple leaf and claimed the Russian first division Khimik in the exhibition play.

In 1980 the Hornets won the Eastern Canadian Championship and was named the Cambridge team of the year. Their success continued into the 1982/83 season when the team once again captured the Allan Cup defeating the St Boniface Mohawks. As a result of this win the Hornets travelled to Japan in February 1984 for a ten day, five game exhibition tour. That same year the club repeated as the Senior “A” Champions of Eastern Canada but were unable to repeat as Allan Cup winners, losing in the final series in Thunder Bay.

The club folded in 1987 only because the league in which they were playing ceased operations and there was no where else for them to play.


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John Brenneman 
Dave Cressman 
Gilbert Dionne 
Bob Dupuis 
Gerry Gray 
Todd Harvey 
Gary Kurt 
Steven Rice 
Dave Tataryn 
Vic Teal 
Mike Torchia 
Scott Walker 
Peter Zezel


The Physical Demands of Hockey

The Physical Demands of Hockey


Hockey is one of the most literally demanding video games known to guy. This extreme sporting activity requires that a skater have as much method as well as skill as football or baseball gamer along with the toughness that only a conditioned athlete can offer the ice, as well as a kind of ferocity that is an unusual quality indeed. Hockey players must tolerate a fair bit of discomfort and pain, and major players must be able and willing to join extremely heavy training throughout the year to remain affordable.

Unlike several sports that mostly call for endurance, Hockey is everything about sudden short bursts of incredibly extreme activity. This makes hockey a quite various type of physical difficulty compared to a sporting activity like soccer where motion is lower-intensity yet continuous.

A hockey player must be able to rev their individual engine from zero to sixty immediately. At the professional degree, a hockey gamer hardly ever spends more than a full minute at a time proactively skating on the ice. Between those brief outbreaks of virtually manic task, a gamer could recover and capture his/her breath, however must stay awake as well as in preparedness for the following explosion of activity on the ice.

All of a sudden jumping from a relatively easy and also loosened up state to the height of speed and also power isn’t very easy. The discipline as well as skill a hockey gamer should possess in order to do this well are typically a big part of what separates the beginners from the professionals. A hockey gamer’s body should be prepared to securely weather this type of ordeal regularly, which needs a level of fitness that couple of other sports call for.

The Cambridge Hornets – Legends of Major League hockey

One of the victorious ice hockey teams from Major League Hockey has been the Cambridge Hornets. It has been the Senior AAA team from Cambridge, Ontario. The team marked its entry in the OHA Senior A hockey league back in 1960 with the name of Galt Terriers which became the Allan Cup Champion in just a year. Later on, it claimed more titles with the name of Galt Hornets and then the Cambridge Hornets. The members of this ice hockey team also managed to join the Hall of Fame for their brilliant performance.

Let us have a look at all the ups and downs of this great ice hockey team right from the beginning.

The Cambridge Hornets as former Galt Terriers

As stated earlier, the Hornets started their career as the Galt Terriers from the platform of OHA Senior A Hockey League. The Galt Terriers were the champions of Allan Cup in 1961 in their very first season.  Following this victory, the Terriers participated in the Ice Hockey World Championship in the next year and represented Canada at the event. They were victorious to 2nd place in that tournament and won the silver medal for it. The notable players which participated in that tournament on behalf of Galt Terriers, included Darryl Sly, Dave Dryden, Bill Wylie and Tod Sloan.

Galt Terriers uprising as Galt Hornets

After claiming victories in the Allan Cup and the Hockey World Championship, the Galt Terriers renamed themselves as Galt Hornets. This team claimed more victories in the upcoming years. It won Allan Cup twice in the seasons of 1969 and 1971.

Galt Hornets renamed themselves as Cambridge Hornet

In 1973, when the Galt city was merged into the Cambridge city, the Galt Hornets also decided to change their name to Cambridge Hornets.

Cambridge Hornets joining the Major Hockey League.

When the Cambridge Hornets earned name for their various victories, they decided to join the South-Western Senior A Hockey League in 1999.Later on the league renamed itself as Major League Hockey in 2003. At that time, the Cambridge Hornets were playing under the Ontario Hockey Association which was part of the Major League Hockey.

In the major hockey league season 2005-06, the Cambridge Hornets was able to acquire the third position in the ice hockey tournament. It was in January 2006, when Chris Mackenzie joined the Cambridge Hornets team. He was a former semi-hockey player at that time. According to information listed on his driving license and health card, he was a permanent resident of Toronto. However, he used to spend most of his time in Indianapolis, Indiana. This was kind of violation of the player’s residency rules of Major League Hockey.

Two member teams of the Major Hockey League filed a complaint against the Cambridge Hornets for violating the residency rule for one of its player. This issue also resulted in a series of defeat for the Cambridge Hornets in the upcoming seasons. Due to season by season defeat, the Cambridge Hornets dropped to fifth place in league. Later on, they even lost their position to the last position in the season. At that time, Irate was the owner of the Cambridge Hornets team. He got engraved over this issue. So, he pulled his team out of the League and filed a case for the damages that Cambridge Hornets had to face. Since then, the Cambridge Hornets did not participated in any other season or event.

Players who played for Cambridge Hornets in the 1979-80 Season

As a part of Continental Senior A Hokey League, the Hornets took part  in the 1979-80 season. The statistics of some of the players are available on the team database who participated in the tournament on behalf of the Cambridge Hornets. They include:

  • Jeff Allan: He represented the Cambridge Hornets as Major League professional member in the season
  • Tim Barber: He was a semi-professional player in the team for the season 1979-80
  • Jeff Baun: He was another semi-professional player who was able to score 30 points in the tournament
  • Bob Blanchet: He was the goal keeper of the Cambridge Hornets with professional level of Major league
  • Rick Bolan: he was a minor pro of the Hornets who scored 25 points in the season
  • Dave Cressman: he was another major league professional who claimed 38 points in the 1979-80 season.
  • Brian Crichton: He was also a Semi-professional with 43 points in the season
  • Glen Crichton: Like his brother, he was also a Semi-professional and showed good performance by scoring 20 points in the whole season
  • Drew Halden: He was another brilliant Semi-professional player with 15 points in the tournament
  • Ralph Hopiavouri: He was a Major League professional who claimed 3 points of the season
  • Mike Kinnear: He was another Semi-professional member of the team
  • Ken Kitching: He showed his performance in the season as a Goal Keeper
  • Mike McParland: This European Elite professional level player was the Captain of the Cambridge Hornets
  • Rick Molinaro: He was a Minor pro of the team
  • Bob Peace: This semi-professional player also serve the Hornets as a Captain and scored 48 points in the season
  • Dave peace: This Minor Pro scored one of the highest scores in the season by acquiring 72 points
  • Arnie Porter: He claimed 31 points as a Semi-professional player in the team
  • Carl Reinhart: He was another high scorer semi-professional who acquired 69 points
  • Dave Tataryn: This Major professional level player claimed 1 point in the tournament

What it Takes to Be a Professional Hockey Player

What it Takes to Be a Professional Hockey Player


A professional hockey player will certainly attain numerous objectives during their career, and if they stay in the game long enough, they could even make numerous titles that they can reflect on with desire and take pride in years after they have relinquished the sport. One of those titles might be as a member of the over the hillside gang, which old timers of hockey absorb stride and also lug with them with take pride in each time they jump on the ice for a specialist level video game of hockey.

Some specialist hockey players take this title extremely seriously because they have actually invested a variety of years developing their game and also enjoy being appreciated and also respected by team gamers as well as the fans. The followers are just what inspire them to play the best video games of hockey in their life, due to the fact that the number of video games delegated play could be extremely minimal.

When veteran hockey players require to the ice, they take with them an air of self-confidence as well as a grain of knowledge that many players will certainly not possess.

Some hockey players could invest their whole life with skates on their feet and their parents may vouch that they were born with them. Many hockey gamers have to start accustomed to the large equipment that consists of the team attire because it can be rather troublesome when they are relocating at fast rates on the ice. After a time though, the hockey gamer will take that additional weight of the attire in stride.

The experts of hockey teams throughout the United States locate it upsetting specific shortfalls in stride yet still manage to play the video game of hockey daily of the week anyway. A Stanley Cup success is an evasive dream at this moment in the life of a veteran gamer that has actually pursued this championship title possibly several times in their job and has actually never ever experienced the adventure of it.