Remodeling the Lobby of the Hockey Arena? Use Carpeting from the best Carpet Outlet in Fort Worth

The lobby area is the public’s first look at your arena. Is your lobby functional and clean for your guests? Is your flooring colorful and inviting? Installing some carpeting (affordable from the best carpet outlet Fort Worth has to offer) might not only enhance your patrons’ experience at your facility but also offer more opportunities for increasing your revenue.

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Replace Worn-Out Flooring with New Carpeting from a Carpet Outlet in Fort Worth

Pick a flooring that is sturdy enough for skate and foot traffic yet is simple for you and your staff to maintain is vital when it comes to keeping your lobby area presentable and safe. When skates are allowed in the lobby, most arenas put in a tough rubber flooring that is slip-resistant.

With a vast range of colors and textures, you can make an excellent first impression. Having a customized color scheme or team logo that integrates with the rest of your rink brings your lobby up a notch. Skate traffic carpeting is the ideal choice for entryways, offices, and pro shops that warrant safeguarding from skate blades.

Upgrading or Adding a Skate Sharpener

On the topic of skate blades, having skate sharpening service in your lobby is a handiness your guests will like. Investing in a top-quality skate sharpener and having employees who have knowledgeable skate sharpening skills can create more money for your arena. If you already have a skate sharpener but it isn’t cutting it, think about replacing worn parts or upgrading your machine.

Manage Rental Skates Using a Skate Racking System

Nothing is uglier and untidier looking than a pile of rental skates behind and on top of the counter. Installing the proper skate racking system can lessen the amount of frustration for both your staff and patrons alike. You can pick between a fixed system or mobile system, based on the space you have open and how many pairs of skates you want to store.

Be sure to pick a skate racking system that will let the skate blades dry correctly after use. Use your rental skate storage space to demonstrate a high standard of organization and order instead of chaos and clutter.